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"I appreciate knowing that when I bring my older car to LG that they will explain what is necessary to fix and what isn’t. I can trust that they will not be recommending repairs that aren’t really needed or can wait. But with my newer car they keep me informed of what is needed now and what will be needed soon so that I can plan ahead as much as possible. They are friendly and do a great job too!"


"Worked with Ken on our older Honda. He was very honest and gave us all the info we needed to make a decision on what to fix. Will definitely be back."


"With all the social distancing and changes to our lifestyles, my wife and I put together a To Do list. At the top of that list was to get our vehicles in for service while the kids are back from college and we are all working from home. Contacted Loren and he said "bring them all in, we can get them done".... so we did. He got all 4 of our cars serviced and up to date on maintenance... and he provided us with a loner car during that time. All of our vehicles are now running sweet and we were able to check that off of our to do list. Thank you to Loren and all the LG Automotive team!"


"Great work, as always, by Loren's team. On short notice, they took care of my requested repairs. They also alerted me I needed an oil change, and I had a burned-out signal bulb.

Something I really appreciate, too, is that Loren doesn't try to scare me into doing unnecessary replacements, like so many oil change places, for example, that show you your clean air filter and try to convince you it's dirty."

"Whenever we have a car issue I know we can always count on LG to take care of it for us as quickly as possible and at a great rate. We have also greatly appreciated being able to use one of their loaner cars while our car is being repaired. If you want to take your car to the best shop in town, look no further than LG Auto where they treat you like family!"

"LG Automotive was recommended by a friend and they are great at what they do. They are very friendly, courteous, and offer you a ride home if needed! I feel like I can trust what they are telling me and not try to get more money out of me (like dealers might do)."

"I trust LG Auto more than any dealer and I was right to do so. Plus how great is it to arrive and see my loaner car already warming up for me! "

"Once again Loren and his team has done an outstanding job for me! It has become my only expectation when I go to LG Automotive now!"

"Loren and his crew always take great care of me and my needs. No exception this time. In fact, they added something new to my latest experience. They had the loaner fired up (and warm inside) for me 5 minutes before they opened for business that day (because I showed up 5 minutes early due to being in a hurry). I must have told them (and forgot I mentioned it) I had to be back at the office in time to prep for an 8:30 meeting. That's some pretty darn customer-focused stuff going on right there. In Cajun country, that's called a "lagniappe", which is a little something extra, a special treat.
Loren also gave me some positive reinforcement for being a good boy for remembering to put oil in my car in a timely manner. So, Loren is a successful behavioral psychologist, too, in training his customers to take better care of their vehicles."

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